This is a compilation of all my assignments from the School of Motion's Design Bootcamp course. 
assignment 01 | is providing live coverage of a video game tournament called The Supernova Cup. There will be running promos for their coverage.
The brief was to create a design boards that show us how you will transition from footage into a full-screen Title Card with tune-in information.
assignment 02 | Tokyo Throwdown
Fox is launching a new show called Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown. The show is a Dance-Competition that takes place in Tokyo, Japan.
The brief was to create a design Boards  that show what the Show Open will look like.
Design boards for the show.
assignment 03 | Expedition 100: Mission to Mars.
The brief was to create some Style Frames for a TV promo to explore different creative directions and eventually create a design board based on one of the options.
Style Frames Expedition 100 : Mission to Mars.
Style Frames option #1
Style Frames option #2
Style Frames option #3
Design Boards Expedition 100 : Mission to Mars.
assignment 04 | Sprint Mood Boards.
Sprint is launching an ad campaign to promote its “Unlimited Data” plans.
The brief was to create some mood boards for a few art directions and one mockup of an Offer Page in one of the styles from the mood boards.
assignment 05 | Diesel Dance Planet.
Diesel is hosting an EDM festival in Barcelona. 
The brief was to look for a design direction and structure for a :30 commercial for the concert, creating a design board and showing the look and feel of the spot + a rough idea of the structure of the commercial.
Design Board Diesel Dance Planet.
assignment 06 | 12 Kilometers Trailer GFX.
The brief was to design the graphics for the 12 Km trailer. Specifically, the opening title card and end card, and some kind of transition from GFX to footage and back.
assignment 07 | is a startup who wants to push the education conversation in a new direction: Towards what we call “The New Education,” a hybrid model of teaching that takes the advantages of online learning.
The brief was to design a set of boards for a 15" TV spot with this script:
In 1960, the average college grad had $4000 in student debt. 
Today, that number is 10X higher
with some owing more than $200,000.
We think learning shouldn’t be a luxury.
Go to to find out more about the New Education.
assignment 08 | Converse Logo Reveal
Converse would like a :05 logo reveal animation to use on the end of videos they publish online in places like Social Media, YouTube, and possibly at the end of pre-roll ads.

assignment 09 | IBM SmartCity
The brief was to create a full set of boards for a IBM :30 spot. 
Illustrations by Brian Gossett 
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